For over two decades, the Chicago Welding line at Harbor Freight has provided everything the novice or professional welder needs to operate safely and efficiently. Chicago Welding includes welding helmets, oxy acetylene welding kits, spot welders, welding carts and more! Aside from these basic welding tools, Chicago Welding also features welding wire, plasma cutting tips and welding lens covers so every welding consideration is covered!

Harbor Freight Tool's Quality Assurance headquarters in Calabasas, CA thoroughly and vigorously test Chicago Welding tools. The Quality Assurance division of Harbor Freight is dedicated to quality control, product testing, development and constant improvement. Testing in the QA lab simulates real-world conditions and environments, reflecting how the tools will actually be used and abused. Testing is performed throughout the production process and continues through post-production to both reduce the possibility of defects and to improve existing versions.

The Chicago Welding brand carries a 90 day warranty when the product is returned to a Harbor Freight Tool store with receipt/proof of purchase. Limitations apply.

Top Chicago Electric Welding Systems Products

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